Moving To San Antonio May Not Be So Bad

I have been on a quest for love for a long time and I believe that I have found it. I was on a very popular dating site recently and I came across a guy who seems to be all that I am looking for. The only issue is the fact that he is in San Antonio and I live all the way in Philadelphia. Moving is not an option for him, so I would have to relocate if we decided to get serious.

I heard that Texas has brutal summers and I am not exactly looking forward to that. I am one of those people who crumple when it is hot, so I know I will have to buy an air conditioner if he does not already have one. I guess that means I will not be outdoors too much if it is really hot. That is a far cry from the lifestyle I have now since I can barely stay in the house when I am off work.

The thing that I love about the area is the fact that the cost of living is not as high as it is here. Even people who make a decent salary have trouble making ends meet when they live in certain parts of Philly. It would be great to be in a place where I would work and have enough money to go out and enjoy all that life has to offer.

I am not sure that this relationship will work out, but I am trying to think ahead. If it comes down to it, this is the place that I will one day call home. I think it is in my best interest to be proactive and learn all about the area right now.

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